2021 Fantasy Golf Rules


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Zach McIntyre
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Paypal to: golferzach@yahoo.com

Venmo: Zach-McIntyre-1

You must choose 12 players for your team, no more and no less. Your salary cap for the entire 12-member team is $23 million, and you cannot exceed that amount. However, you can spend less than that amount.  You will be able to change your roster until the start of the first tournament. The minimum cost per player is $500,000.

Your team members will accumulate points based on their performance each day, and the winning team will be the one with the most points. We will pay out a small portion of the proceeds each week to the top teams of each week. We will pay several places at the end of the season, and that information will follow after all of the teams have entered.


Here's how the points will be awarded:




















There will also be a point given to a player who makes the cut.


Example: Phil Mickelson is on your team, and he is in seventh place after Thursday's round (2 ), fifth place after Friday.s round (4), third place after Saturday's round (9), and finishes the tournament tied for second with one other person on Sunday (14), and he gets one point for making the cut, so he contributes 30 points to your team total for that week.

In cases where not all rounds are played, the last round of the tournament will get Sunday points and the second to last round will get Saturday points. Any other rounds will get weekday points.

All results will be available via the website.

            The entry fee is $25 per entry.  Multiple entries can be done by the same person, just create multiple accounts on the website.  Payouts will be as follows:




The Fedex points for normal tournaments is 25,000 points.  All the other tournaments are relative to these tournaments (some are lower, ie. Mayakoba Golf Classic is 12,500 points, while others are higher, ie. Majors are 27,500 points).  The weekly winners will still be computed the same way, but overall points will be adjusted, by comparison to the normal tournament.  For instance a person who would get 60 points for a normal tournament, would only get 30 points for the Mayakoba Golf Classic, while it would be worth 66 points in the Masters.  The last two Fedex tournaments are worth double points (we will not include the Tour Championship this year).
Match Play scoring
        1 point for a round-robin victory          
        1 point for winning the pool            (final 16)
        4 points for a fourth round victory        (final 8)
        8 points for a fifth round victory      (final 4)
      16 points for a sixth round victory         (final 2)
      32 points for the winner                       (8 additional points for the 3rd place winner)